First Participation in WPPI

Maybe, your first question after reading the title is, what is WPPI? WPPI stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographer International, and according to Louis Pang, it's 'the world’s largest professional body for wedding photographers. Its annual print competitions are widely regarded as the Oscars of wedding photography.' This time, I joined the 2010 First Half International Photography Competition. For the week of selecting picture and editing, it took me quite some time as I am very new to this. Not knowing what to expect, I've selected 11 pictures that I really like and submitted. This competition has a scoring system, for entry that scores 80 and above, they will earn an Accolades of Excellence point and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place is selected from here too. To cut things short, I've earned myself an Accolades of Excellence out of my 11 submissions. Although I'm not winning any awards this round, I will strive to improve further in my work :). I'm glad that I have participated in this competition because I believe it guides me to be a better photographer throughout the process. Finally, the almost 2 months wait for the result is now over. It's a big relief.

Last but not least, a great man and teacher I wanted to thank is Louis Pang, will blog about this man when I have enough pictures and information. lol~ Before this competition accepts entries, he had organized a free talk in Penang to guide fellow photographers in Penang how to judge a photo and what are the things that could be improved. Thanks to this session, I have more idea about this competition and how I could better finish my photographs for competition. :) Now, I'm sharing all my 11 entries with everyone and the marks I have got too in hoping that it will benefit photographers who are planning to join this competition.



"Glory of The Kapitans" [77]


"He's The One" [73]


"Her Letter Yet To Arrive" [76]


"Hope and Serenity" [82] ( Great thanks to the groom, Joe Cox for helping me to name this entry :) )


"My Man Up There" [75]


"Planting Prayers" [77]


"Somewhere, Under The Rainbow" [79]


"The Garden of Love" [76]


"This Is It" [76]


"Untitled" [76]


"Untitled Entry" [78]