Li Fong & Kien Wah
I was searching for the right Penang photographer and when I chanced upon Milan’s blog, I instantly felt a connection to the pictures posted. There is this unexplainable genuine emotion and love aura radiating from the shots taken of the couples.

During our session, Milan was great at making us laugh and ease up, seeing that my partner and I are pretty camera-shy and quiet. It was a rainy day. Therefore, we had to run for the shelter of his car whenever the rain got heavy. It was quite messy for me to walk in heels and not comfy for my fiancé and I being all dressed up in formal under such weather. But Milan was very patient and accommodating throughout the whole session. Late in the evening, when the sky got darker and the wind blew a little stronger, I almost wanted to end the session but I truly got encouraged, seeing Milan’s energy and perseverance to capture as many shots as he could while there was still some sunlight left.

That night, Milan helped my fiancé in giving me a birthday surprise! To sum it up, it was one of the most special and memorable day in my life and I am not exaggerating. The pictures turned out amazing and one particular shot have the unique veiling effect of the rainfall. Milan, you really did capture the realness of everything that went on that day. Thank you very much! 


Lawrence & Janet
It was fun. It was enjoyable. It was memorable.

We love every bit of our photoshoot experience. At first, we were worried about arranging a photoshoot in Penang from Singapore, but Milan was very responsive through emails and he made the whole arrangement so easy. And most importantly, the photos are fantastic. They captured the love of our family and the bits and pieces of Penang... absolutely more than what we could ask for. We are so glad we found you, Milan! 


Ashley & Michael Stringer
From the start, Milan assured me that his Wedding Photography services would be the one part of wedding planning that I wouldn't have to worry about, and guaranteed that he would do his very best to make the entire process go smoothly. He was right, and my husband Michael & I are very glad indeed to have chosen Milan as our Wedding Photographer.

Communication with Milan was easy and efficient throughout the planning process, which was fantastic as we carried out the bulk of our communication whilst being abroad from Malaysia. Throughout the day, Milan and his 2nd photographer were seriously like ninjas in the background, sneaking around unintrusively capturing candid moments as they occurred. When it came to group photography with my elder relatives (who didn't speak much English), Milan was superb at communicating with them thanks to his professional, polite mannerisms and knowledge of various different Chinese dialects. This made my elder relatives feel at ease and comfortable about posing for photos, and I really appreciated that.

During our Wedding Portrait photography session, Mike & I were on an adrenaline high from the events of the day. With his calm demeanor, Milan made it easy for us to relax and just be ourselves, which helped for natural facial expressions in our pictures. When you're the bride/groom, you don't really realise just how much of your own wedding that you miss on the day, as you're most likely going to be busy running around! Milan's photography enabled us to look back on the moments that we experienced as well as get a look at all the other various moments during the day that we missed.

We will definitely recommend his services to any of our friends looking for a Wedding Photographer in future :) 


Stef & Kevin
Milan is a great delight to work with! We engaged Milan for an overseas photoshoot to Perth, a city where he had not done work before. Milan took a week to get to know the surroundings before we arrive. My husband and I are the least of structured persons and he was flexible and understanding with our requests and personalities. We had such a great time just being ourselves and taking photos! 


Heather & Ryan
Milan, you were amazing from the start! Always incredibly quick to respond, nothing was too much trouble, thank you! Your relaxed and friendly nature helped us to be comfortable and confident throughout the whole experience. It was important for us to find a photographer whose creative vision matched our own and would give us an artist’s representation of our day with friends and family…we were so right with our choice and are thrilled with what we have received.

We planned a simple wedding and wanted it captured as naturally as possible, paying attention to the small details. You and your team’s skill and understanding definitely helped to achieve this and more! Your eagerness to get things right whilst following your intuitive creative spirit really makes you a stand out photographer. 


Pauline Banh
While planning our family trip to Penang, I went online on a whim to see if there were any local photographers who would be able to capture the type of lighthearted, emotionally connected and heartwarming photos that I wanted. I came across Milan's portfolio and knew almost immediately that he had the aesthetic I was looking for.

Milan patiently answered all my questions in the months leading up to our holiday and gave me lots of wonderful advice on how we could get the most of our chosen locations. The shoot itself was fun, my parents remarked at how skillful he was in getting the best of each shot and he certainly showed immense patience dealing with my 3 year old toddler who wasn't the most cooperative client! 

Milan far exceeded my expectations in the time he so generously gave us and his talent. He captured the elusive emotional connection with our family of 5 and I am incredibly grateful we have such beautiful momentos of our holiday. 


Ying Lai
Loved how Milan made us all totally feel at ease during the session. He was friendly, funny & flexible with us especially the baby. What was supposed to be an hour of photoshoot stretched to way beyond that & he did it all with a smile. Although baby was generally uncooperative, he still tried different ways to make the best out of the situation & we're so grateful for that. 


Brittany & ShuLi
Milan was great at helping us get comfortable in front of the camera. I was really impressed with his professionalism and dedication. although it started drizzling halfway through our shoot, and we had to take a break, Milan was very mindful to lengthen our shoot timing to deliver the promised 3 hours and more. we are fully satisfied with the quality of photographs and couldn't recommend him more - which says a lot considering that I took a gamble on engaging his services during a short holiday in Penang. 


Min & Kevin
Asking Milan to be our wedding photographer is probably one of the best decisions we made for the special day. He has been attentive and helpful right from the beginning.

There is no false advertising, there is no pretense, he says what he believes in and he delivers what he says he will, if not more. I truly appreciate his gentle and subtle approach, making us and all the guests feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, partly because we forgot the cameras were even there! Looking back at the photos (I've probably done it a million times), I'm so happy Milan has managed to capture all the special moments for us, even moments that we didn't know was there!

I really want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Milan and Ch'ng for their remarkable talent and professionalism. I think what makes Milan unique is that he stays true to his work and art, and is not tempted by the 'wedding industry' to upscale like so many other wedding photographers. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything Milan! xx


Tiana & David Hall
Milan,Your hard work has left us with the most beautiful memories our family and ourselves will treasure forever. We cannot express enough how professional & amazing your work is. It was very daunting planning our wedding from Australia in Langkawi, but once we found you I was confident our photos was not something I would need to stress about, your communication was so prompt and helpful which was invaluable for us.Thank you again Milan and your partner from the bottom of our hearts!


ChiMing & LynLi
If I could summarise Milan in one word, it would be "professional". Right from the beginning, he was courteous, punctual, thorough and accommodating, which made working with him a joy, especially during some of the more stressful moments of the wedding. He manages to be unobtrusive while at the same time managing to be everywhere at once, capturing tiny details and subtle emotions and making the events seem even more beautiful than I remember them! Thank you, Milan, for preserving these memories so perfectly :) 

Sheng Young & Mei Ping
We are glad to be able to have Milan to capture special moments of our engagement shoot! He was patient, professional and offered good photography advice during the shoot which made us feel comfortable and made the photos look so natural. As we requested for several photoshoot scenes, he spent quite some time trying to accommodate to our requests and we are very thankful and pleased for that.In addition, he went the extra mile and brought us to many food places which let us enjoy the authentic street food of Penang. Our entire photoshoot experience with him was memorable and enjoyable! Thanks Milan, you're not only the photographer for our engagement shoot, you've become our friend as well! 


Sue Lee
We are happy with the quality family shots that Milan gave us. It was not easy taking photos of my 2 young kids, especially my son who was not cooperating very much in smiling. Still, Milan was patient and managed to pull it off. He was pretty accommodating to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Milan to any family wishing to have their portraits taken in Penang. Thumbs up for Milan, and thank you! 


WenXin & Jan
Despite being thousands of miles apart during our wedding preparation, Milan has been the easiest person to work with. Communication via Email and Skype was very straightforward and clear. He has showcased his professionalism by attending to our requests without any hesitation. Given that getting to the wedding location was a long and difficult journey for him, Milan and partner have not failed to deliver the optimum service with utmost professionalism. Every penny we paid was worthwhile. We strongly recommend him to anyone out there looking for photography service. 


Candace & Kok Hwee
Now i can tell not only my personal liking on these photos, but also with a lot of compliments from our friends and relatives who have also view the photos during last weekend. :) Since we received our photos from Milan (about 3 months ago), we have not stopped smiling every time when we look through the photos (for so many times). Even until today, we can still remember all the shooting scenes, and also deeply felt our tonnes of joy during those precious moment. Thanks to Milan for capturing more than just a pre-wedding photo album, but also who we are. It is so genuine, simple yet lively, and most importantly it have reflect our real joy and happiness for being together with our loved one. Life can be simple, but with a lot of laughter, be amazing and give LOVE. This is the essence of our love story album. It is fantastic!! Thank you. 


Jonathan & Louise Chong
Milan is professional yet friendly and is very open to correspondence and communication, taking his client's needs and worries into account. He anticipates very well, and manages to capture the "moments"- Even the ones that goes by quickly. The pictures are genuine and lovely, and we are glad we chose Milan to preserve our special day in pictures. Thank you Milan ! 


Faith and Ally
Thank you Milan, you were an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process. It truly was the best day of our lives and you captured it beautifully. We love your enthusiasm and professionalism and we can tell that you are really passionate about what you do. 


Charlotte & Wai Kit
We chose Milan because we were looking for something unique for our pre-wedding photos that would capture who we are (i.e. very Malaysian) and our beloved hometown (Penang!).

Even though it was a whole day of shooting (literally from sunrise to sunset) we had so much fun! Milan definitely made us feel very much at ease right from the start and had a lot of great ideas. We brought some props with us and he encouraged us to use it as much as possible. We also wanted to try some quirky ideas like a dating scene at a hawker centre and Milan made it possible with the final product turning out even better than the picture we had in our heads.

Our friends and relatives have commented on how special our pre-wedding photos turned out. Joan was also wonderful even though we couldn't communicate in English, she still managed to get all the looks spot on. We can't thank you enough for the lovely keepsake photos we now have! 


Kessia & Sean
First of all, to Milan, thank you thank you! You made our photoshoot a great and wonderful experience. And, we were also thankful for the good weather that day, it was sunny and windy. We're really grateful to find Milan Teh Studio from the internet.

It was a relax session, just like an outing shoots with good friend. Milan was humble and caring, he was guiding us throughout and I'm glad he really tried on random places out on the street. The result, was marvelous. It was so natural and he just snapped and captured the Moment. The moment are etched in our memory. I guess this is what we all brides (& grooms) are looking for when we look through the photos on one fine day again. Reliving the day we took the shoots and the fun we had.

Lastly, message to all the brides out there, if you are looking for something personalise, something special and memorable, please do look for Milan. Read through all the reviews, I'm one of these brides who actually found Milan without any recommendation. It was indeed his art works, his simplicity style which captured us to engage his service. Good luck to all. :) 


L & S
Milan, you have immortalised our amazing day and done it justice. We are very happy with the results and appreciate your professionalism and integrity with respect to all our wishes. We highly commend and recommend your services and we were very happy with your value for money. Taking a risk with a photographer we just found on the internet for a special lifetime event really paid off for us. Thank you.


Zeudi & Christian
Delighted is far too mild a word to convey how absolutely happy we will forever be, with the service provided. It was completely euphoric! After knowing Milan and his team you truly appreciate that photography is an art and Milan is truly a gifted artist. Brilliant, dedicated, super professional and ever so pleasant. I feel truly blessed to have had him as my photographer. I would like to recommend him to the whole world! Keep up the breathtaking, heart warming, fantastic work!


Siaw Ching & Steve
Milan captured the most natural and beautiful moments of our wedding! My husband and I could not have asked for anything better! We have to admit that we were pretty demanding clients but Milan was very patient with us throughout the process and his talent, professionalism and work went way beyond our expectations! He brings an unique artistic vision that is not a copy of someone else's style but a vision that's very truly his own. This is probably what makes his photography so good in that he truly puts himself into his work! Another impressive thing about Milan is that his presence during the wedding was unobtrusive and barely noticeable which make his pictures not only real and organic but so wonderful and natural. He actually captured the authentic wedding ambiance! We would definitely recommend him to any couples without any hesitation!


Adeline & Brain
We are really pleased with the finished work. The entire process of communicating with you was also very pleasant. Thanks for the great service, and being so immediately obliging to our requests for random photos throughout our wedding day. The memories you helped capture will bring us back to many happy and touching moments on our special day. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your team.


Zoe & Liu
It's our luck to find you, meet you and finally work together with you. You are a great and talented photographer, you know the client's needs and how to explore the emotions. Thank you for the photoshoot and we are very satisfy to the photos, because my husband and I don't have much experience for this, and I found out it was hard to make us smile all at the same time... When we were at Phuket, the sunset was gorgeous and both of us thought we should have you there with us.

There is no doubt that you make Penang special to us, you are definitely one of the best memory from this trip. I will take my mum to Penang during Mid Autumn Festival, she already likes Penang from the pictures.


Yen Kwang & Wan Fei
Thanks Milan, we really appreciate all your hard work. We are grateful to have you documenting our big day, looking back it couldn't have been better, as it has turned out so much more than we've expected.! Great job in carrying this efficiently & professionally too.

We sincerely wish you the best & keep up the great work! :)


We are so delighted with the wedding photos! Thank you for capturing the memorable day so well! It was such an excellent job. I have received so many positive comments from all who have viewed them on your website. I can't thank you enough for all the suggestions you gave and the help you provided at the rehearsal and at the big day itself!

Thank you for your patience - I know you generously gave of your time. I would love to engage your services again! Many thanks to Joan too for the make up done so well.

All the best from us all: the Singhs, the Raben-Pedersens and of course --Sarah and Janus!


Kavitha & Stalin
We are very much satisfied with Milan's photography. During the photoshoot he made sure we are very comfortable and very supportive of our emotions. He too able to deliver the final results on time as promised. We would truly recommend Milan to our friends and family!


Milan and Joan - you guys were absolutely fantastic to work with. We were so impressed by your professionalism and how down-to-earth you were, and how genuinely you cared about our wellbeing - driving us tirelessly from place to place and back to our hotel for the photoshoot! Most of all the pictures were beautiful - you captured our emotions and happiness brilliantly, as you managed to make us laugh so naturally during the portrait shoot. Your after service was amazing as well !


Hui Shih & CK
We are so grateful that we have you as our photographer on our special day. You've made our wonderful experience in Penang into a memorable one. You are gentle, talented, responsible and very helpful. One of our family member said that you "blended-in" so well, you were almost invisible, so that they can be their true self. Beautiful! A big THANK YOU from us.


Lydia & Kevin
Milan's photography captured my wedding moments beautifully. Our family is very important to us and we are happy that the photographs captured the essence of emotions during our special day as well as each family members special character. Only a true professional would have the amount of patience to want to get to know more about us and what we want throughout the experience. The results, original non scripted emotions captured in beautiful photographs.

Joan on the other hand, is a maestro with a makeup brush! Our bridesmaids and my mom LOVED her work. Natural fresh faced and classic hairdos. The classic and simple elegant look will allow us to treasure the pictures for years to come as the look was timeless.

Milan, Joan and team..simply a dynamic duo! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you have made our special day a very memorable one.


Jason & Stephanie
We are very delighted to have Milan capturing our wedding day moments. This was the decision that we won't regret because Milan was able to capture all the special moments throughout our wedding ceremony, not to mention the "special video clip" of Jason as well. :) When we view back the photos, they were able to invoke the feeling of happiness and laughter just like we had during our wedding. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to Milan Teh Studio for their excellent job!


Carrie & Ei Hon
Just a quick note to say how happy we are with our wedding album. We are delighted for choosing you as our prewedding + actual wedding photographer. Maybe it is fated that we both are so in love with his photography skill the minute we glance at his page. With no hesitation, we just bought flight ticket and fly all the way from Singapore to Penang for our prewedding photo journey.

Unlike other photographer, Milan is a very patient person. He studied the props n the theme we like and always ease us to a more natural pose when he knew we both were camera aware person. He never missed out any good chance for good photos. I still remembered there was a sunset scene which he insisted to take even though it had started drizzling on the day. End up it was one of my favourite shot!

He is a nice friend though. He lead us to a lot of nice local food even though it was not his job. Willing to drive us here and there , he knew we are not familiar with the place and he search the vintage bike & balloon shop by his own. All these were actually not included in his schedule but he is so helpful and most important he is not calculative at all. The trip was so relax and it really helped to release our stress and ended up with all natural photos :)

There are so many moments you captured for us during the day of us with our family and friends that make reliving the day truly special. What I can honestly say, it was one if the best decisions we made. Thanks for everything Milan!


2nd photo session with Milan Teh, first was our wedding actual day photos and now photos with our baby. Very comfortable photo session without any stress. Milan is so friendly and gentle. Lovely photos. Will surely recommend him to friends and will come back for more.


Rina & Tong Wei
Without a doubt, the most satisfying, enjoyable and touching chapter of my entire wedding preparation is our pre-wedding photography experience with Milan. He is a true professional who gives you the confidence and assurance that you can entrust him with taking, arguably, the most important photographs in your life. He has an astute eye for details and capturing picture-perfect moments. We basically gave him our trust and left it to him to work his magic in our photos =)


Milan is a great photog. He captures the 'right' moment without you knowing it. He sees the angles that you don't notice and makes the frames look awesome. He makes you comfortable and hence you look natural in the photos. Joan's brushes and strokes are amazing, she makes me look beautiful without being overly glamorous (which I think would be too "chin chiong" since I was not a bride). Even without any fake lashes (at my request), my eyes could "speak"!


Yih Wen & Eow Hui
Heartiest thank you to you, Milan... and your assistant Shi P'ng for your great effort and enthusiasm during our wedding day. You captured our big day perfectly, and we are truly impressed with the lovely photos taken, will always cherish it and keep it as our sweetest memories. Every photo brings us back to that special day, and they are priceless to us! Not only me and hubby enjoyed having both of you around, even my family members, my good friends were very comfortable and relaxed in front of the cameras. I really like your style, humble and sincere personality. Keep up the good work!!


Li Ling & Chang Chian
I am very satisfied and very glad that I found Milan to shoot my actual wedding day shots. Milan captured the finer details, the mood, the funny antics.. more importantly, he captured moments that my husband and I want to keep in our memories for years to come and for that, we're both grateful for his professionalism and passion that is evident in his work. Again, many many thanks and kudos to you Milan for the job that surpassed both our expectations. Cheers.