They say a picture speaks a thousand words. My best record was 1296.

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My name is Milan, the founder-photographer. My love for photography began young. Thanks to wonderful serendipity, I became the youngest Penang wedding & portrait photographer to receive recognition by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI, USA).

I create photo diaries for people since 2009, it speaks so much to me creating photos with deeper meaning. Along the way, I’ve been described as easy-going and I put the shyest couples at ease, which helps me capture your authentic emotions.

Often, I photograph in Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur and travels throughout Malaysia. I'm born in Penang – the food lover's paradise. If you’re a fan of good pictures and good food, let's do a "Pre-Wedding Food Tour" :)

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Couple portraits, prewedding photography, engagement photoshoot? Regardless of how you look at it, this is Love Diary - a session for you and the one you love.

I like to fuse every couple's personality and story into photos we create together. I'll help both of you to be yourself no matter how shy you are. You'll get a nice series of photographs with authentic emotions while having fun.


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There's a lot of things going on in a wedding. How the bouquet and gown looked like, who cried, who came by, who got drunk and ripped his pants and so on...

Throughout the day, I have only one simple aim. To document as much that are important to you like a diary but in picture form. I care about the pictures - how it feels, what it means and how it resonates with heart.


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Be IN the picture. Do it for you, your parents, or your children.

Family photo is ‘forgotten’ even to photographers, it’s something deemed unnecessary but in hindsight, you'd regret of having none when it's too late. Kids grow up too fast, someone we love gone too soon. I’d love to go into someone's home and just document how they usually interact and the things at home. Those little moments, you knew it's there but you hardly know how it looks like with you inside.

There's no rules about what a family photo should be about. Some are happy with a simple group photo, some are happy with a picture that barely see everyone's face but a great moment happened. Regardless, I hope to making it into a visual diary for you that bring back memories.


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You want to remember the current you and you don’t need anyone’s validation. Some women engage a boudoir photography session to celebrate a physical milestone, some view it as a special gift for their future-self, some are breast cancer survivors, and there are some who celebrate breaking free from a bad relationship etc.

Everyone has a different purpose why they are doing this. But all in all, you are only this young once. It’s more than just taking pretty pictures, we are also celebrating body positivity and courage. In the process, you are given a safe and judgement free environment to be your pretty-self you may have yet to realize.