I don’t feel the urge to use social media these days. But it’s probably a good idea to let you know I’m still alive, so this page is for you to find out what I’m up to recently ;) 

  • Just got back from a long overdue and much needed holiday, in Italy. Very beautiful country, glad with the decision.

  • Before I went, completed an ‘online will’ which I want to create since a couple of years ago but there isn’t a good way for execution. This is mainly to facilitate communications should bad fate happen to me even if I’m not travelling. Someone I can trust will be able to inform clients about this ASAP so they will not left uninformed especially for their lifetime memories like a wedding. I think this is the most important backup a wedding photographer could have.

  • Feeling a little lost of late. Am going through some long self-searching and hope I’ll get back on track soon enough.

  • Back in working mode, tying loose ends and backlogs. Prepping for a busy May & June.

I'll update as things progressed and priority changes. Last updated 7th May 2019.

&.b.t.w. - Now page is inspired by
Derek Sivers.