Here's what I'm up to recently: 

  • shoots are slowing down currently which is great. It's first time ever since many years that I'm ahead of my backlogs!

  • having said that, there are still a lot to do behind the scene. This is a good downtime where I am filling them with lots of learning, thinking, planning and executing to develop for the future

  • i fell deeply in love with terrarium recently after seeing nicely built/decorated ones. It's a piece of art with life that you can contain neatly in a glass bottle (no need daily watering!). I want one for the new house, it's currently 30% completed and I'm anticipating to move to the new place probably some time next year

I'll update as things progressed and priority changes. Last updated 24th March 2018.

&.b.t.w. - Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.