Here's what I'm up to recently: 

  • the open-wound of the removed cyst from my back in mid Dec 2016 is almost fully recovered. can't wait to exercise and shower properly after these two months!

  • i survived the packed back to back shoot in mid January well, without backache. i'm pleasantly surprised and it's great thanks to back strengthening exercise my wife taught me and the stretching. now i look forward to lots of assignments involving travel this month, very glad to have the operation done in Dec, very timely

  • still looking for good online book store that ships internationally with great selections. i found Book Depository and Bookurve. if you know any similar or even better ones (except Amazon), let me know!

  • i aspire to read & write more, procrastinate less, sleep well and wake up fresh as much. i want to dig into the root causes of negativity in life


I'll update as things progressed and priority changes. Last updated 7th February 2017. 

&.b.t.w. - Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.