Our Official Facebook Page

Some while ago, this thingy was known as Fan Page where followers were called 'Fans' and gradually, Facebook made some changes and renamed this as Business Page and people click a "LIKE" to follow the page they are interested to. Beginning of the year after I registered this business, I used to think if I really need to create this or it's something that people wants to have for the sake of having?

After some long thought, I think that it's a great way for me to share ideas and benefit to people who are interested to what we do - me and Joan for an instance. You have no idea how much I wanted to know each of you who are reading and following my blog and work! Often, I see my blog is visited by people in different places or countries(through software) but I am totally clueless who are they and how they came here. It has been a few months since we started but I realized that my personal Facebook account is not ideal in what I wanted to achieve. So please, follow us today if you like what we do or you are a reader of this blog. Just click on the Facebook banner above or scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find a similar box by Facebook too that links to our Facebook Page then click the "LIKE" box.

As a token of appreciation, other than updating you guys with our latest happenings,  this page is created with the primary intention of giving out and sharing. Me and Joan will combine our mutual knowledge, and share about what you are interested at. From the topic of photoshooting, photography, makeup, hairstyling to some miscellaneous special info that many of you will be interested to see! On top of that, we will also offer free photoshooting too once in a while. This is our sincere offering to people who heart us. I will let all of you who follow our FB Page know how I'm going to make this happen soon but first we will need more 'participants'! We appreciate if you would help us to share out this page too.

Till then, I hope to see everyone who reads this in our newly created Facebook page!(It's still a little empty now but will be filled soon.) Thank you and have a great weekend. :)