A Facelift


Did you spot something new? Yes, I've changed a bit of the blog's layout and I have a new logo : ) This is a part of the change I mentioned earlier which in total taken me 6 hours of time in fine tuning them on my birthday! Initially, the designer of this logo let me choose 3 different styled logo, it's quite interesting to me as each of them are so different from one another. Then, I decided to go for this one. If you look closely(maybe to the larger version at top banner), it's like hand written of ink on paper as not all of the strokes are in perfect form.

In my point of view, this logo represents me - a newly created business( ie. I'm starting to write 'something' from scratch. ) That explains why I was talking about it looked like hand writing. Also, it represents modern and young to me figuratively based on the style. I want my work to be modern and young which Ahem...  best represents my age range too :p My real Chinese name is still kept into the design as like I said before, I want to keep on reminding myself about my root and people who have helped or taught me throughout my life and especially those supports I get this year when starting my own business.

I think there will be some people who might ask, why in the world you change your logo a few times in less than one year time? Good question. :) I have one logo on January, changed to another one on March, altered a bit on April and now announcing a brand new one on September. Reason is, I thought my previous logos are not good looking aesthetically, although it's something I created my ownself... I'm actually not the biggest critic on my own work, I always try to think on how to go better but this round I'm really at a bottle neck as I have no graphic design background, I realized that I should find a professional in this field to do the work as this is what they do best, not me. Likewise, if you're not a photographer, you can buy a camera and take picture, but your picture might not be as good or consistent compared to professional photographers. This is one of the lesson I have learnt from this process.

Next, more recent work to follow, thank you and keep following. ;)