Work In Progress...


Dear readers and visitors, if you are a loyal reader of this blog, I would like to apologize for the 'inactive' atmosphere that took place in the past few weeks, I must admit I was a bad blogger but I promise to put a stop to this very soon! Next, you will expect to see more personal posts of what is inside my mind and heart and of course, many more of my recent work and what I do :) Don't you think that it's weird to read a human being's blog but that human is not sounding like one? hehe.. I would like to thank friends in my Facebook who gave me their inputs about whether they'd be interest to read something personal about me in the blog that in turn gave me this idea ;) Thank you!

For the past few weeks, I am planning for a change and announcement that will be revealed on September, I'm trying my very best to make it happen and this is a time consuming process for me as I am the only one taking care of every single thing: meeting people & vendors, finishing photos, travel for shooting, and making decisions be it a small decision or big ones. But, I'm not complaining though, this is certainly a great new adventure in a new chapter of my life and I enjoy what I do right now as a photographer. I assure that the September announcement and change will be an exciting ones to literally everyone!

I'll stop now and thank you for your patience! Before I forget, have you read about the July-August promotion that we're having? This promotion ends on 31st of August and you have just about half a months time to make your booking. If you have not read this and you or your friends are in the midst of looking for a wedding planner, read about it by tapping here. Have a great Sunday people!