Happy National Day!


Dear fellow Malaysians in the country and abroad, we would like to wish everyone of you a 53rd Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan!

The above picture was shot from Jerejak island and everything were real, no composite thingy here and I tried playing a bit with the color that I have never tried in my usual work, hope everyone likes it.

To cut things short, I really love Malaysia. There are a lot of things from it that I love and I'm proud to be a Malaysian too. This is where I get all my true friends and where I call, true home. Unfortunately, sometimes, a small group of people in the country create little disasters that upset a lot of people here and there and they are always being amplified with the 'natural help' of the local media. This is the thing that I really don't like, they are very much like noise that held the country from moving forward literally. Hope that in coming years, things would improve and Malaysia would grow to be a even better country and home for all Malaysians. For those who are not working, hope you'd enjoy the day off with your beloved family celebrating the national day. :)