Irene & James


I plan to post this up last month but was 'consumed' by work, sorry about that. Have you heard of 'Thirty Two At The Mansion' or the restaurant better known as the 'Mansion 32' in Penang? If you have not heard of this place, it's located just opposite the new Lexus showroom(near E&O hotel). I always wanted to visit this place, matter fact, it's my second time visiting this restaurant after seeing so much great shots taken by fellow photographers. Almost one year ago, I was here, on the position of assistant photographer, holding studio flash/reflector for a guest photographer hired by the bridal house. That time, the beautiful scene around this restaurant and the fragrant of the food attracted me deeply! The restaurant remained great but a lot had changed in my life and I'm glad I made the change. :)


This round, Irene, James & I, we want something indoor and glamorous. And so, we decided to pick on this location and get the gown & coat from Sol Cover. In case you'd want to know, photo shooting is available by appointment at 'Mansion 32' after you bought a food voucher from them ;) You can also hold your wedding banquet here too. So, back to this shoot. This marks the first collaboration of Milan Teh Studio with Sol Cover for couple that I shoot. Before this, all my clients had their clothes ready for me. That's a good case for me as before this, I imagined that it would be a really tedious process to engage gown shops or bridal shop for gown rental but our first experience with Sol Cover turned other wise. To make things short, it's like this for gown rental:

1) Make appointment. Visit Sol Cover, take measurement & select gown/coat. 2) Before shooting day, try altered gown (lots of brides are on a diet marathon before pre-wedding shoot!). 3) Collect clothes. Return clothes.


If you may asked, the reason we choose Sol Cover because we are alike ie: based in Penang. All their gowns, designers, tailors are all under one roof in Penang. So, our clients would have no hassle engaging their service especially when the shoot and where they live are Penang based. Therefore, all your attire needs could be fulfilled here. Furthermore, if you have a specific look/theme you'd like to have for your shoot, let us know! We have Joan, which is our professional makeup artist and image consultant, she could help out on your gown selection day to help you pick the best that suit what you love and some matching accessories. The makeup and hairstyling for Irene on this shoot is all done by Joan.

By the way, the gown above is called 'Flume of Love', I really love the color and design personally, it matches the venue perfectly. Enjoy the rest of the series ;)


I wonder, have everyone enjoy this blog so far since Jan 2010? I'm constantly thinking and absorbing ways to make this blog more decent from time to time. We'd love to hear what you'll say about the experience reading this so far. Drop us a comment please ;) I'm all ears and thank you!