Pei Ying & Nilson


This is my first pre-wedding shoot on year 2010 through Milan Teh Studio. Just on beginning of April, Pei Ying contacted me after she knew about 'Love Diary - beta' promotion that we're currently offering through her friend. She had her pre-wedding photographs already but she would like to seek for a different style of shooting and hence she booked a two hours session with us. Throughout the few weeks before the shoot, we kept in touch through Facebook where I learned about her needs and expectations. I would say that both Pei Ying and Nilson are the kind of clients every photographer love to work with. Both of them are gorgeous and charming but the most important of all, they are very very kind and friendly. :)

The shot above is Joan doing makeup for Pei Ying in their hotel room. I was told by Pei Ying that Nilson is kind of camera shy and I did a short 'warm up exercise' with them in their hotel room to let them have a feel on how I work, what will be happening later on when we go out and, to make them feel at ease in front of the camera.


Both of them have very sweet smile and I really enjoy shooting for them with no problem.


High key shots of the angelic looked Pei Ying.


And then, we move on to one of the beaches along Batu Feringghi at Penang, Malaysia. Pei Ying loves blue sky, blue sea and white clouds. I told her a very cruel truth about Penang is that, the bluest sea & sky could only be found at mid-noon. She was okay with that and so we went to search for a suitable beach to carry out the shoot.


I've seen this kind of blue sky and sea many times in Penang but never photographed them cause the sun is REALLY too hot at this hour. Credits to Pei Ying & Nilson for being able to pose that comfortable under the hot sun. Don't you just love the color? The shot below is straight out of camera.


After we're done with the first gown. We hit New World Park for some Penang 'Char Kuey Tiao'. Next, we went to a Bodhi activity center that I really love. It's my first time to shoot there with a bride & groom and there are a lot of photographic possibilities yet to be explored there. Thanks to a friend, See Won for bringing me to this place. Below are some of my favorite shots.


I love this shoot. Love the color and the natural expressions the most. I wanted to thank Pei Ying and Nilson for giving us this opportunity to serve them and hope that they'll live happily ever after.


Last shot, a group photo when we sent Pei Ying & Nilson to the airport to catch a flight back to KL.