What's new?

Recently, I have noticed that the way I promote an offering together in a blog post could be really confusing & annoying to people who are new to Milan Teh Studio. Further more, having need to sound so 'commercial' in my blogpost to 'push & introduce' the offer is not what I sought after & adore too. Thanks to suggestions of brides-to-be, I'm making some new changes to my menu bar - the "about us", "history", "category" etc that you see above. What's worth mentioning is the addition of "Services & Rates", "J Area" and "Raves".

By clicking "Services & Rates", you are now able to see what's the promotion that is going on in Milan Teh Studio. All packages and starting price are clearly laid out in a simple & clean manner.

"J Area" consists of everything related to our makeup artist/image consultant, Ms. Joan Tan. Her latest work and products related on her part will be slowly uploaded there.

Last but not least, we now includes "Raves" section that I will copy & paste what our clients wrote to us so that potential clients would know us better. All these are set for now and we hope that these improvements will make everyone of you feels at home. Feel free to drop me message via "Contact Us" above if you have suggestions/comments on how we could continually serve you better. ;)

So... very lastly. I will get more photos uploaded to this site from now on and will be talking like the real me again! Till I blog again... :P see ya~