Milan Teh Studio

Introducing the new look of Milan Teh Studio. Or let me introduce you to Milan Teh Studio once again. We create heartfelt aesthetics for wedding & portrait photography across Malaysia.

Throughout the years, the logo we used had been an indirect depiction of my direction for the brand. I still remember first few years were a mess of regular changes of logos and watermarks - totally clueless of what I want, who we are, hopping on multiple fads & bandwagons around me. 

Then, it gradually progressed to having the knowledge to running the business properly and till recent years, I feel the urge to be really focused on what I do best - creating good looking images that resonates with the heart. 

Thus, the born of this new logo to depict more concisely on my vision for the brand since recent years. 

I've been a little quiet lately mainly organizing work and life, looking at what's next for myself being a married man. Also spent weeks migrating website to a new engine under the hood gradually, making sure a smooth transition that wouldn't affect my web appearance in search too much.  

We now have dedicated portfolio pages(found in menu) for people who don't have time to go through the blogs. Boudoir Diary now has a dedicated blog and portfolio page by itself as previously it's being hide too deep for anyone to notice it's existence.

So now that the migration has been successful...time to add more content to the site!

&.b.t.w. - It's so hot lately. A car parked under direct sunlight could bake a cake!

&.&.b.t.w. - Fun fact. My home/room recently just installed air conditioning, the regular temperature when I am working varies around 32-34'C++. Now that I'm spoiled with the lower temperature work space comfort, I hope I don't get addicted. How many of you nowadays still have only fan at home?