Sheng Young & Mei Ping

This pair is probably the most fearless couple that I have encountered coming from Singapore. They fly to Penang with not only all their formal attires, also luggagesss of props to be used together with the series. The result? A colorful series that is unique to them.

Both my wedding and this couple's fall on the same year where mine was November 2015 and it's December 2015 for them. They took this prewedding photography series with me in Penang 15 months prior to their wedding whereas I only had mine taken 3 months before the wedding! Sheng Young & Mei Ping's take on their wedding planning is admirable irregardless that they are few years younger than me. 

In the aim of creating as much varieties in the series, we have both indoor and outdoor locations covered. Indoor location includes a cafe and E&O Hotel while outdoor photography session were done at Penang Botanic Gardens, among the streets of Georgetown, a random grassy land, Church of The Holy Name of Jesus in Balik Pulau and the last picture you'll see at a special location I'll reveal at the end of this post. 

&.b.t.w. - You might have guessed it right, the location of this last shot we went is a floor! And it's just outside where I stay cause I fear that doing elsewhere would get us into trouble with the drawing. Sheng Young & Mei Ping wanted to try create a shot like this with drawing and both of them inside, so they drew two drawings on the floor that day. It's another challenge to look natural laying on the floor.  

&.&.b.t.w. - The second drawing 

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&.&.&.b.t.w. - Behind the scene of their hardwork

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