Michelle & Anthony

I just love photographing the wedding of Michelle & Anthony in Penang which took place at the E&O Hotel. Simply because they don't exert any specific expectations on me. When prompted further, the request was merely 'we trust you with what you do best'.

Though the day started at the afternoon, little Asian grooms would have any opportunity to escape the gate crashing games that are made difficult for them to prove the groom's determination to get the bride. You can see we have some tough bridesmaids planking after their lunch to warm up for the battle and also making sure the meal won't be a potential hazard for the zip of dress exploding.

One thing I really like to see is the team work between the friends and couple themselves putting up some of the finishing touches for the ceremony and reception even under hot sun in their formals. At one point, the mother of bride finally thought it's enough and intervened as Michelle has been walking around too much to do all these in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

The energy throughout the wedding day is awesome. It's evident especially from the second half of the reception and exchange of words through the vows and speeches are really moving. It's still vivid in my head that Michelle's father shared a joke that caused a 'huge uproar' from the dinner crowd. So one day Anthony shared with him about diamond's 4C(cut, carat, color, clarity) as he bought Michelle a really huge diamond ring. I think the outline is bigger than my pinky's nail.

Being someone who worked with a huge aquarium company before, Michelle's dad instantly reminded about the company's standard practice to getting the best fishes from the sea - by using the big fat bait. And of course, the exhibits caught will never be fed with such luxurious meal anymore after that for the obvious cost reason. Linking the big fat bait to the diamond ring just cracked everyone hard! Anthony father's speech is no less entertaining too. He explained that he was very nervous to deliver a speech so he made himself really drunk before going on stage. What ensues caught everyone unexpected.