CheeHan & XiaoHui

I still remember vividly that exchanging emails with this couple felt like writing long essays because every email they've sent me is simply very very long. Also, I still can't believe that I made XiaoHui climbed a tree in the wedding dress at the Botanic Garden in Penang. hehe.. 

Fortunately, both CheeHan & Xiao Hui are very kind people who are just detail oriented. On photo session day, we are like participating in Amazing Race due to the distance of locations we are covering within Penang, we had to watch the timeline carefully and chase over every bit of available sunlight.

Being his mother's hometown, I'm also lucky to be able to visit and photograph part of this pre-wedding portrait at the Cameron Highlands with CheeHan's direction. The Mossy Forest must be one of the most epic scenes to be at in Malaysia!

&.b.t.w. - Great experience from this shoot and it's even better when the couple is caring and comfortable to hang out with. They even wrote me a postcard and brought me a souvenir from honeymoon trip at Iceland!

&.&.b.t.w. - I rarely ask for selfies but this is a memorable one as we all made the way up high to the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands. It's a very cold and wet place where I started to experience a runny nose as soon we got up. Not to mention the mist + wind that kept making us wet and some adventure the couple needs to go through to walk through the soft mushy soil in this attire. But the result is well worth the challenges.