Wedding at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi - Esther & Don

wedding at four seasons resort langkawi

Esther & Don's fusion wedding at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi has to be one of my favorite wedding in 2015. It has a very fun crowd of people and colorful palettes. It makes a harmony blend of East + West wedding ceremony at the beautiful beach of Langkawi. Whole day has been fun filled, I love especially how they bid farewell at night with very beautiful sparkles, this is a summary that we go through with the couple throughout the day. It could be an inspiration for couples who wanted to plan a modern beach wedding without compromising the Asian heritage.

&.b.t.w. - Hectic season carried over from December 2015 has finally come to an end. Other than the mountain size of backlogs awaiting to be cleared, it was yet another greatest year throughout my 6 years+ of full time career being a wedding photographer seeing the growth we have never experienced before.

A lot has to be credited to everyone of you especially my wife who supported in my vision & what I do, mental and physical support from all my second photographers, friends, clients who see me as a friend. You have no idea that how much it helped, when you have a little talk about what I do with someone you know in my continuous survival being a full time wedding photographer every year. Competition being stiffer is a yearly norm being a photographer let alone making a full time living out of it.

Your support by revisiting to my blog, Facebook Page or Instagram Liking my posts kept me motivated to keep create and challenge myself to finding the "what's next". Thank you my the bottom of my heart.

&.&.b.t.w. - I realized that last year has been a very hectic year without many opportunities to quiet down and educate myself further. Time to sharpen the axes. Very timely that out of random encounter, I saw a workshop that resonates so much with what I like and do. I have great hope it will turn out to be a worthy investment as it's the most expensive one I have signed up thus far. Other than that, more than 20 books awaits me in the shelve and now my Amazon cart accumulated 50+ books now, oh dear.. How or when do you make time for reading?