My Own Wedding, part 1/2


So, when people see me recently, they'd be like "Hey! How is wedding life?!" This applies to all kind of people who know me from friends, clients to their parents. It's a nice feeling to feel being cared about. Thanks for asking everyone. If you aren't seeing me any soon and curious of the same question.. My answer would typically be, "I have a ring now with me everyday and I have a license to make baby." :)

Well honestly, I don't really know I guess.. It's a change of legal status and the showing of both our commitments to live with each other by our side. Perhaps wedding is like a marathon, I'll know better some decades later down the road. But I am very glad the ceremony is over now and we could focus on the more important things in life and enjoy quality couple life.

I insisted to choose our anniversary date to have the wedding and hence I proposed to her in early 2015, in a funny way. Actually I have been looking at the calendar for quite some while and secretly budgeting for the wedding. The date I've picked is the only near date that would have it fall on a weekend. Will share more in part 2 as it's a midst of a super peak season for us. This is a quick entry to get the blog going again after half a year of drought! I can't believe how time has passed.

You might read somewhere that I play music, yes, I play the flute. As age climbs and family responsibilities gain, I think the time I have to play music is scarce, let alone joining community orchestra etc with my work being mostly at the weekend that clashes with concert dates. So I planned some surprises that make use of my hobby since many wouldn't have the chance to see that too, not even my wife.

Canon in D was the piece I suggested to use being our entry music to the wedding banquet. Luckily that my wife obliged, so I planned around it - I had two orchestra friends to record this piece with me and to play it for our entry to the wedding banquet. I love the flute version of this piece alot, and honestly Canon in D is just a repetition of some same melodies throughout all instruments. The overlapping of these similar melody resulted in such a beautiful sound collectively. It seems like a couple's wedding life don't they? We probably do the same chores every single day, repeating it and somehow when you blend them in harmony, it's beautiful.

This is the exact clip I played on the wedding dinner night with some surprises at the ending. More details in the clip:

And of course, if someone could play music, I think it's not complete without a live performance. I want to give another surprise to my wife by a live performance on stage after our 'speech'. This is the one, details in the clip's description, it has a special meaning:

Happy weekend to all of you, I'll be back with more posts this year!

Photo Credit: Mocco Studio