Socks Cutting Ceremony

Yup, you heard me right. Part of this Danish wedding's ceremony includes a session of cutting off the groom's socks at the toe part. Despite being in Malaysia, am so glad to be introduced to such a unique ceremony! It was really an eye opener and hilarious. This post is an excerpt of the happening from this Danish wedding of Sarah & Janus. I tried to Google a bit for the rationale behind this and I found some answers:

1) To prevent the groom from trying to make up to another woman.
2) To prove that the bride can sew. (source)


Also, when happened that the bride move away from the groom, he will be........"attacked" by all ladies in the wedding.


Same goes to the bride, she is soooooo unexpected this coming!


The couple have their first dance surrounded by all the people, they clap & clap and moving closer & closer & closer forcing no gap between the couple and make them kiss.


And then, there you go!


And Sarah & Janus is married happily ever after!

&.b.t.w. - Writing this post makes me thought of the wedding ceremony here in Malaysia. Many people have opted to simplify the tradition as some might be time consuming. I wonder if this would be 'healthy' down the road? I'd like to have a beach wedding for my registration of marriage while traditional Chinese wedding ceremony on the actual day. Having tradition captured in photographs will last several generations I guess showing the future generations our root, we might make it into the history text book 100 years later too. lol~ What do you think?

&.&.b.t.w. - Just came back from shooting a beautiful beach wedding at Kelantan. I have never expected Kelantan to have such a BEAUTIFUL beach, sky, and natural scenic. The beach and the stars are mesmerizing, I could stay there forever at the beach. I'm really thankful to be able to photograph the couple who entrusted me and leading me to explore the other side of Malaysia which I might not get to visit this lifetime. Saw a comet too but I just wanted to thank this universe for being this beautiful.