7 Years Soul Mate

The groom in the picture knew the bride since A level and the boy friend and girl friend status remained for 7 years and now evolved to the husband and wife stage. I believe a lot of guys must be envious on him, why? She is his first and only girl friend and now first and only wife! I believe not many of us manage to get our first partner to become our soul mate. What about you? Comment below, I am really interested to know. I have a lot of favorite shots from this series but the couple hope to show only some now while the rest reserved for the wedding day. I'm sharing with all of you my top 10 favorite. Whole series were done in Penang beach with extremely nice weather, the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (aka The Blue Mansion). Formal attire by Sol Cover while makeover by Joan.


&.b.t.w. - I realized many people assume Joan is my girl friend. NOOOOO she isn't peeps! We are business partner helping each other out when both of us were relatively new in the industry and our work towards natural appearance resonates really well together. I don't mind you help me spread that I'm still single tho...

&.&.b.t.w. - If you are a Malaysian and never been to Kelantan, what would be your perception on this place? I get to visit this state thanks to a client, check out my iLove photo album in Facebook. The milky way shot and the couple kissing infront the infinity pool shot.