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Update: March 2016
I've migrated away from Wordpress due to the time and costs needed to make sure my site is running smoothly and securely. Hence, ProPhoto is no longer in use.

Hello everyone, great second week of the brand new year! Hope that you guys are well. For this post I'm going to share about blog. Ever since my site (my blog + website) was released on 1st Jan 2010, there were a lot of positive feedback. Many said that it looked very professional and nice. Even senior that I hardly spoke with 10 years ago called me just to ask how I get my blog done. I was very surprised with the feedback as I really don't know anything about building a blog.

I'm going to share with all of you here that.. I got my domain, then installed wordpress and I bought a wordpress theme from ProPhoto Blog. ProPhoto forms the layout you are seeing right now which is a huge part of my website. How each font has it's size and color, moving banner at the top of this page, Facebook tab, Contact form etc etc etc. It offers head to toe customization to the blog as to your liking too. You need not possess advanced computer knowledge, all you need is English and some time for fine tuning each customization option it offers. You can check out more of the features at their website by following the link in this paragraph.

So, are you looking for a blog which is professional, that gives you freedom to personalize the outlook you wanted but costing you an affordable price tag? I am sure you will love ProPhoto. Happy Wednesday!

&.b.t.w. - When you purchase ProPhoto using the code MTEH5180, you'll get $10 off. I'm not sure how long it'll be available, please let me know in comment if it no longer works.