First Slideshow, Too

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone has a great start yesterday. I was at Klang, shooting for Wendy & Joshua's wedding and it's really a fun one to shoot, the couple is very easy going and there are many good photo opportunities too. Yesterday was a wonderful start for Wendy & Joshua cause they've said I do, committed to be a husband and wife after a 5 years marathon of love for a brand new life under the witness of God. Joshua is a photographer too, who has very nice aesthetic sense that really I admire and good taste on fine music. He's a multi-talented individual who could play guitar, sing, and shoot nice photographs. He emailed me last year and I can't believe he's the Joshua Teoh I know somewhere on the online world.

I start shooting from Wendy's house and Wendy's shoe has these "I do" blings at the bottom. I'm very lucky to find suitable rack to use and the Christmas tree as background to execute the shot below. I'm proud of this shot cause it's something fresh to me and I'm delighted with the out of camera shot below.

Joshua's intention to give Wendy a surprise by singing "Stand by me" when he's at the bride's house gave me an inspiration to do something different for their sameday slideshow at the morning I woke up. This slideshow mark my first time to shoot video(ok, I'm learning!), and to do a sameday slideshow with a very different approach from my norm of doing. Both Wendy and Joshua were very pleased with this video I've created for them, hope all of you would enjoy too. Have a great Sunday! :)


i do
i do