New Watermark


Starting from today onwards, I'll be using a new watermark. If you're not sure what is a watermark, it's actually a 'sign' or 'signature' on a photo that tells people that particular picture belongs or created by who.

To let you have a clearer view of what's new, I'm putting a set of the new watermark at the center. Obviously, there are two Chinese characters in between Milan Teh and I have altered other fonts to be more simple. The Chinese characters are actually my real Chinese name. This is to remind me not to forget my roots, not to forget who had helped me when my business has just started, who had taught me to become better human being and photographer, who are my true friends & family, who have never looked me down and gave me all the supports I needed to continue in this not-so-easy-not-so-hard path, who had unselfishly share what they know with me in order to help me go further. Yes, I want and will remember all of you. Special thanks to my lovely cousin for the idea of this watermark and helping me to create it.

Initially, Milan Teh was my nick name for chatting at places like ICQ/MSN few years back when I have no slightest idea about photography and never thought I would be where I am now. :) When I started photography, I continue to use the name Milan to make new friends and every photo was watermarked with this name too. The reason is, my real name is not memory nor pronunciation friendly. Eventually, people know me as Milan and if I change my name at that time to 'avoid' confusion then I would have needed another few more years of time to introduce myself again and again.  I have no intention to 'sound' like 3 or 4 bridal houses in West Malaysia that starts with the name MILAN actually, it's purely because I love the simplicity of it, the sound of it and a city, Milan at Italy .  Some people especially the older generations might easily thought that I work for Milan Bridal House/Milan Wedding Studio... Well, I am Milan Teh and I have no relations to any of the 3 or 4 bridal houses in West Malaysia.

Hope that this new watermark would be more pleasant to view at when you're looking the picture as a whole together with my new watermark. Have a great party Friday tomorrow, people.