How I Shoot Portraits

Do you still remember that portrait shoots are classified as Photo Diary here? If you have never heard of this, you must have missed out the "What We Do?" area above. I don't know how many people would be interested to know how I shoot. Nothing to shout about, but since Milan Teh Studio is still new to a lot of people. I think it's good to show people what I'm doing here with a little explanation. :) I love to produce shots that pleasure the eyes and therefore, my approach to shooting portraits are based on two qualities: Beautiful. & Comfortable. Below, there are 2 different series of photos that depict this two different qualities.



Now, let's start with a series of photos that is beauty centric. Yukie, our subject for this series is not a model by profession nor part time model. This shoot is about making her beautiful.


Yukie is posed and directed by me throughout the shoot.


But of course, if you are a male taking Photo Diary, we will make you look good instead of beautiful. hehe. I would say this photo below is a hybrid, a mixture of beautiful and comfortable - as you can see, there's a pose there but the expression captured gives people a comfortable view as it is natural.




Next, for this series, we have Yushino as our subject. She is also not a model by profession. The whole shoot is mood centric, it might not have any meaning but, the photos show the mood that the subject wanted to convey/treasure. The whole series would then give people a comfortable feeling when viewing.


Therefore, when you sign up Photo Diary with us, let us know what you expect for the outcome. You could have the whole shoot that is to make you look good ultimately. Or perhaps a mixture, beautiful and comfortable or fully comfortable as you have some mood that you wanted me to help you capture into your Photo Diary. Just tell us what you like, it's that simple. We will also help you review your clothes for the photoshoot as it is a series of related/theme based shoot.



Starting effective from today, Milan Teh Studio will be offering Photo Diary as a package and it costs RM399.00 only for shoots that held in Penang. This is a promotional price and valid until 31st of December 2010. For this price, you will get:

- One complimentary makeup & hairdo for female client. - 2 hours outdoor photoshoot inclusive of short breaks in between the shoot by me. - 2 outdoor locations of your choice and 2 sets of different clothes of your own. - 40 pcs of edited photos and all out of camera shots returned in low resolution with watermark. - 40pages, 6x8.5" softcover photobook with the above 40 edited photos.

Add On - Should you need us to transport you to the photoshoot destination - RM50.00 - One change of eye shadow color and hairdo - RM50.00 - One additional hour of photoshoot - RM80.00 - Buying back all soft copies above in full resolution without watermark - RM 200.00 - ONE additional edited photo(return in full res. without watermark)/ 40pages, 6x8.5" softcover photobook - RM 8.00/RM99.00 - Upgrade of photo album, false eye lashes and ampoule - Contact us for more info.