a Girl a Wife a Mother


She used to be a very cute & happy little girl too. No worries no responsibilities, everyday is just fun. One day she found that special someone that would hold her hands for life. It's a mixed feeling, when thinking about how celebration of festive seasons would then be. Perhaps not at the familiar home with own parents anymore.


They decide to form their own little family, that's us in the making.She knew the body shape would have to be sacrificed and there may even be risks.Not long ago, I learnt that two friends had miscarriage - one after a month, another after 6 months. A client shared her twice miscarriage story with me, it's shocking and disheartening to hear incidents like this is actually not uncommon. She keeps giving out unspoken love, there's no expiry date. If you take a picture of her NOW... you may be surprised how much older she has became compared to your memory. But her love for you remains, it's told in her smile. Love her and treat her well, time doesn't wait.

&.b.t.w. - Wishing all mums on earth a happy mother's day.

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