Fally 2014

This wedding has nothing short of personal touches prepared by the couple and fun especially true at the dance floor at night! Fally, it's referring to the couple which means Faith + Ally who plan this destination wedding all the way from Australia. It's my first in life to see a bride don't mind dirtying the white wedding dress to do a 'worm' on the dance floor cause she ain't wearing it for the second time! Just love the spirit of the couple. It was a day with awesome weather and sun light we had for this wedding in Pulau Langkawi at the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, when they all combined together it really does help to shape a beautiful and memorable series for the beach wedding.

A lot favs I have from this wedding so I think it's easier and more enjoyable to share them through a summary slideshow I've made for the couple, with music that is. Watch it below.


&.b.t.w. - First time being at Meritus, the feeling it gave me is really nice, pretty and comfortable. With the facilities they offer and the location in Langkawi, it's a good place you'd want to plan for a wedding there.

&.&.b.t.w. - I just got back from a very stressful concert performance last Sunday, with several solos like this and this by me when orchestra is quiet. It has been four years since I last felt stage fright. Am relieved that I've pulled through despite with little hiccups, I guess I have a bit of anxiety disorder when up on stage or under the lime light. Anyone knows good cure?