What Getting Married is All About

This is the continuation of Coolest Father Speech or Rap Daddy. The second video the parents made for their second son's wedding day that happened within the same year as the eldest son. It's safe to say that at some point in life, everyone of us are bombarded by lots of wedding pictures. Especially true when the norm of getting married age among peers are approaching. Some wedding could be fancy or simple, large or intimate etc. But often times from the pictures, we can't quite see what a marriage is all about.

So this round, the parents made a funny music clip sung by friends with great voice to show just that for the newly-weds Priscilla & Ken - what a marriage is all about.


The highlight of this clip worth mentioning would be the addition of the groom's mother Mrs. Loh in the cast. During the first wedding I photographed for their family, Mrs. Loh commented about a shot I photographed of her wiping tears that was shown on the sameday slideshow. I initially thought it was nice and moving but she thought it was not that flattering due to a little double chin that appeared.

That made me realized something I missed considering, I should think more profound in future. But of course, this is not the main point. I was strucked by surprise on the cast she played in the clip to having some funny outlook that is not the most flattering a mother want the world to see. This clip was being shown at the wedding dinner night to all the guests of different statuses. I salute the love they have for their sons.

&.b.t.w. - A groom once told me the wedding day & ceremony is the least to worry for him as it's transient. I can't agree more.

&.&.b.t.w. - Seeing the surprise element for the first and now the second video, can't wait to see the third one! Knowing recently that the third son in the Loh family is getting engaged.

&.&.&.b.t.w. - I am getting married end of this year too. Still sounds crazy when thinking of it but I think it's time. A lot is going on and needs to think through but am certainly looking forward for the day to come! In the process, I believe it helps me to really experience what a couple would go through for the entire process being a groom-to-be myself. Will blog about it after the wedding.