Greetings to everyone who're reading this, welcome to the photo-weblog of Milan Teh Studio! First of all, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that the year of 2010 would be a great one for each of you. My name is Milan Teh,  the founder and principal photographer for Milan Teh Studio and I will be responsible for all the blog entries for this site unless stated otherwise. I guess a lot of you might ask who on earth is this Milan Teh fella. If you are interested to know, click on "About Us" above to read further ;) As for my 2010, it will be a brand new exciting & challenging start personally in a lot of aspects as I'm heading a very different path for my future. However, I'm really happy that this site is finally up and running because it marks my humble start as a full time photographer. :D

Next, do feel free to browse around this site and we would love to hear some feedback about how you feel about this place in terms of it's color, layout, content, or anything so that we could improve better! As for the initial start, I hope that all visitors would spend a bit of time looking through all the photos on the 'moving banner' at the top of this page. They were some of my old work but eventually they will be replaced by my latest work. Apart from that, I will keep you all posted bout my latest work and what I do.

Oh, before I forget, about the photo with green background for this post. This is my latest work, the makeup and hairdo of this female client in this photo was done by a member of Milan Teh Studio, Ms. Joan Tan. You could read a bit more about Joan at "About Us' page too! And also, this photo was an out of camera shot, which means no editing was done on it other than re-sized & putting my own watermark.

Lastly, I hope that everyone of you would enjoy your visit to my page. If you like, drop us a comment on the comment box below or share www.milanteh.com with your friends! I would really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU! In addition, I'd love to know more people from around the world, and also hope that through this site, I could help others through my available photography knowledge & skills. If you want to be a friend of mine, you could easily find me on Facebook or Twitter with the name of "milan teh" or you could simply, google me. TQ~

*Up coming next, some of my previous work on year 2009 that I would share with all of you. STAY TUNED!