I just realized I haven't blogged for half a year! Let's start off this year's first post with a 'bang'! I confess that this title is somewhat a clickbait, but it's also the real surprise highlight of this wedding that I'm going to share.  

An unconventional couple will usually yield an unconventional wedding. This is true with Ewen & Ann Jie whose wedding held in Lone Pine Hotel Penang. Both of them are game designers, the wedding is not like the norm even a young guest would expect.

Imagine this:
A bride who accidentally scared the makeup artist when she intentionally squeezes ugly double chin face into a mirror for a selfie.

The bridesmaids marching in with bright pom poms, colourful dresses and intro of a song that sounds like a tribal dance rather than something like pretty in white etc. The intro immediately reminded me of the Zuma Deluxe game in 2003.

Or how about a friend who helps to officiates the ceremony and who gets away from saying these in front of your parents/ relatives/ friends.
- every wedded couple has 3 rings, the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffer-ring
- I now pronounce you, awfully wedded husband and wife

What about a colorful dinner reception backdrop depicting a somewhat psycho bride, runaway groom and chaos rather than the typical beautiful and perfect stuff? (comic drawn by the bride Ann Jie by the way)


To top it off, the highlight or I'd say shocker especially to the groom and groomsmen of the wedding, happened during the wedding ceremony when it's the bride's turn to share her vows. As you've guessed already, it's about a real story of diarrhoea.

So a couple of years ago, they went to a fine dining restaurant. That time they have been dating for about a year already. Unfortunately, Ann Jie got food poisoned from the dinner. Apart from throwing up, she said she's got an intense bombing situation in the toilet which was described like this. It was so bad that she got dizzy and passed out in the toilet in the midst of the epic war.

Ewen sensed something not right as she went into the toilet far too long. He went to check out what's wrong and there, a girl laying half naked in the toilet at her weakest and vulnerable state. Worse, a smelly one that no one should ever see. Ewen cleaned Ann Jie, picked her up, send her to the hospital. A few years later, they got married.

Sharing this story, by a lady in her wedding dress, on her wedding day in front of sooo many people publicly takes courage. The story wets many peoples' eyes although that later on, rather than saying cheese, families and guests are taking pictures saying ' diarrhoea! '

&.b.t.w. - If you are curious about the chilli and onion thingy in the gallery below. It's a 'voodoo' believed to help hold the rain from pouring.

&.&.b.t.w. - I think Ewen & Ann Jie has to be one of the most responsible couple I've photographed. Almost whole night they were seen mingling with guests. You'd see Ann Jie, walking with her fish on chopstick here and there.

&.&.&.b.t.w. - After marching out, maxing out our time with a bit of group photos just before tea ceremony, it rained cats and dogs.