Love Diary: Susan & Gim Eng at Langkawi

Last weekend, I set foot at Langkawi for the first time in my life for a pre-wedding shoot for Susan & Gim Eng and 2 other friends, Yit Pong and Jean (friend of mine & Susan - love birds taking break from work for a short vacation). During the time we planned for this trip, Susan suggested 3 days instead of 2 so that we could surf around this place as it's my first time going there too. We can scout for location before start shooting and she would love to bring us around. Susan and Gim Eng are really nice to bring me, Yit Pong and Jean to places that they had already went several times before without complaining, waiting for us to stop by one corner and another shooting scenery. So, the first day actually ended up like a leisure shooting for the 3 of us, lol~ not forgetting, also looking for suitable location for the pre-wedding shoot on the next day. Let me guide all of you down these favorite shots of mine for what had happened...

The first location of our choice is the beach as Susan loves the blue sky and sea :)


Just before we headed out to the hot sun, an idea came in a sudden when we saw the parachutes and thought that it could be an interesting 'prop'. So the idea starts with Gim Eng flying up to show his love to Susan! Initially Susan wanted to join together with him but unfortunately wearing skirt + para-sailing doesn't seem appropriate. So, Susan will just wait for her prince to land with hand bouquet in his hand.


Gim Eng is such a sweet hubby. He took this challenge although he is a little scared with the height air-borne above the sea.


Next, we head back to the hotel, took lunch and shot around the hotel area.


After the sun has set, I've suggested to play around a few more shots with artificial lighting with my camera flashes. They are indeed the most time consuming part and I'm happy that Susan and Gim Eng are willing try new things out & bear with me for this night session.


As a conclusion, I love this shoot. There were a lot of laughter and it's very enjoyable, I don't feel like I'm out for work at all. I'd have to thank Yit Pong & Jean big time for helping me to carry my stuffs and hold the flashes. Without them, I might have passed out in the middle of the shoot. hehe. And, a huge THANK YOU to Susan & Gim Eng for having me to shoot their pre-wedding photographs at Langkawi and their nice arrangements during our stay there. Hope that everyone enjoyed the shots posted here as much as I enjoyed the 3 days trip!