Dear all, if you read about "The Cake Lady" post I made previously, you might have noticed that I had added a new category that reads "Sharing" to this blog. Now, since I've created a Facebook page for Milan Teh Studio, I hope that the page could be a media where I could interact with people who like our work and I want to give back to the society by offering to share what I know with everyone through blog post when possible. Therefore, I have created an email account, [refer update below] to collect requests or questions that you would like to see in our next blog post. As long as me and Joan has the knowledge and capability to answer the question, I will try my best to make it into a blog post and share with everyone. You can: 1) Let us know if there's anything interesting that we could blog about and it has relation to wedding, photo shooting, or makeup. 2) Let us know if you'd like to know anything related to photo shooting. General questions for the person being shoot or even the photographer. 3) Let us know if you'd like to know anything related to makeup and beauty.

It's that easy and there's everything to gain, just tell me and I'll try my best to make it happen! Sounds good? Send an email to [refer update below]! Also, if you have not follow us in our Facebook page yet, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will find it there. We will be giving away some free portrait shoot to our followers on 2011. Help us spread around and share the page with your friends! :)

Just a personal update. I had a 40'C high fever last 2 weeks for several days, with the high fever, forced myself to continue attend a photography seminar in KL for 2 days and followed by 4 back to back shoots. It was really a tough experience having need to shoot with fever and headache, I'm glad I had finally made it and very surprisingly, last quarter of 2010 has been very busy and all come in a sudden. I am thankful that I know many right people at the right time and this has lead to my survival for 2010 as a full time photographer for the first year. Sounds like a new year resolution? No, will write one when 2010 is ending :p After being long winded, I'm just trying to explain why I didn't blog regularly this month. lol!

Anyhow, I've been seeking for permission from a few clients recently to post their photos here and I do hope that I can blog at least once per week. So, stay tuned and keep on reading and following. ;)


*Update 23rd January 2014: For the easy of navigation, the blog is simplified further and sharing article will be done when there are inspiration. The email of will be used if you have any idea to contribute ;)