Portraiture seminar @ Penang | RED PORCUPINE 紅刺蝟


Disclaimer: This blog post is translated directly and also paraphrased from Traditional Chinese to English version by Milan Teh. The original Traditional Chinese version is posted in Hayashi Artz.com As for photographers whom their main field of focus is in human portraiture, they should have heard of the name RED PORCUPINE before.

RED PORCUPINE lives in Taiwan and he is one of the most popular professional photographer who shoots human portraiture there. Some of his photography work were published by DIGIPHOTO on 2009 in the book, 'Portrait Photographer: Hall of Fame'.

Possessing academic qualification of Master in Fine Arts department at TungHai University in Taiwan, RED PORCUPINE has the aesthetic ideas that are unique compared to many other photographers. From his ideas, shooting to post processing, we could easily identify his original & signature style inherited in his work.

He has once said before, the success or failure of one's work is largely dependent on the aesthetic view of the artist themselves. In his portraiture seminar that will be held in Penang, he will share his aesthetic experiences with every participant. Also, he will help participants to explore their unique aesthetic potential. Therefore, he had prepared necessary contents and set the title of the seminar to: "Start from beauty".

It is very lucky that with the collaborations of photoSYOK! and several organizers, RED PORCUPINE accepted the invitation to come over Malaysia for a face to face seminar to exchange ideas and share knowledge with fellow Malaysians despite of his busy schedules.

After some discussions among the organizers, below are the details of the seminar that will be conducted at Penang, Malaysia.

Date: 03 April 2010 (a) 04 April 2010 (b)

Time: 12:30p.m. to 5:30p.m.

Venue: Evergreen Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

Fees: RM230.00 (light refreshments will be served)

Participants: Limited to 50 pax per seminar session.

Organizers:Hayashi Artz.com, Sin Chew Daily, photoSYOK!!!, PhotoWalkers

Topics that will be covered in the seminar: 01 ) Selection of view. 02 ) Composition. 03 ) Lighting. 04 ) Guiding. 05 ) Selection of colors. 06 ) Spirituality. 07 ) Painterly. 08 ) Style. 09 ) Sharing on experience in wedding actual day photography. 10 ) Sharing & discussion.

UPDATE*this seminar will be conducted in Mandarin.(Chinese language)

Registration for the seminar starts now and early birds are entitled to get rebates of RM50.00 which means they will have to pay RM180.00 only. This offer valid until 28th of February 2010.

For those who are interested to this seminar, kindly contact: a) Hayashi Lim - 012-681 2699 b) Kaye - 012-491 0909

A bit more about RED PORCUPINE.


Photos posted below are redporcupine's work and posted with his permission on www.milanteh.com