Shot the wedding of Li Ling & Chang Chian this early November that happens across Penang & Klang within the same day & before I was admitted to hospital due to Dengue just not long ago. Being hospitalized got me thinking and made me start questioning myself what I am doing for the past 2 years and why I'm doing so... Why do I want to risk the rest of my life with a career I'm not sure whether it could last good? Why do I want to bear such heavy responsibility each week? Why do I want to go through hectic 'competitions' among so many other photographers out there? Why do I have to stress myself so much physically and mentally every week? Is it all worth it?

Seriously I don't know and maybe I won't even know this life time, there's no guarantee in life too. Perhaps not everything in this world could be explained logically or we would know the true worth of something before we start doing it, career or relationship wise for an instance. I'm seeing what I do now like raising my own 'child', our parents don't question whether is it worth it to have us on earth isn't it? Maybe I'm thinking too much during the time being hospitalized but it's good that I am thinking instead of feeling comfortable on what I'm doing. Just feeling wanted to voice out a bit cause sometimes working alone most of the time is really... not easy.


The shot below was an applause by the bride just after the same day slideshow ended. This photo alone means a lot to me, for the effort put on to the whole event and ensuring the slideshow could be played on time etc. It feels awesome to be appreciated :) I'm glad both Li Ling & Chang Chian love the show I put on the screen and there's lots of laughter thanks to the group of very fun Heng Tais that make the slideshow a joy to watch! Enjoy the show below.

&.b.t.w. - My Dengue was caught when I'm at a car park warming up the car. The car door was opened only for seconds then there's more than 30 mosquitoes inside! So, be careful you guys.