Tiana & David

When I first received email from Tiana knowing they are organizing a sunset cruise reception after the wedding ceremony in Westin Langkawi, I am stoked.

It's my first and only encounter to arrangements like such locally in Malaysia throughout my career till date. The experience on the yacht is beautiful to say the least, many small islands around Langkawi coupled with the perfect weather on the day forms amazing view. It's the sort of beautiful scenery many Malaysian locals seek overseas, but it's all the while in our home country.

Along the way, we stopped by one of the uninhabited island to spend some time before the sun sets and dinner. It's a perfect day to celebrate with an intimate group of family & friends.   

&.b.t.w. - Very fortunate that we don't get any sea sick. I'm the type of person who feels nausea on the bumpy boat ride from Penang/Kedah to Langkawi. The yacht was smoother than a public bus.

&.&.b.t.w. - If you are looking for yacht services in Langkawi for your wedding or party, we had a really good time and service from the staffs at Naam.