Love at First Sight

It felts like from the movie when I was told, how L+S met, got together and now married at the beach of Langkawi. The story is beautiful. He dreams about meeting a girl, one that would take all his attention and caused him to fall in love at first sight. The romance is something like the movie, which is why some of his friend silently doubted whether his dream girl would even exists.

By chance one day, they traveled alone to Perhentian Island. It's where everything starts by happy accident and he just knew he needs to grab the opportunity to know her more. The conversation was good and they went for dinner and subsequently continues their travel with each's company.

Years after, they picked a place where felts like how they met for the first time, to host an intimate wedding.


&.b.t.w. - L+S have been graciously allow me to use these 5 pictures I've picked for a blog entry. They'd like the rest to be personal. I really love the last picture in particular, lucky that I could still show the world.

&.&.b.t.w. - Wishing every lovebird out there a Happy Valentine's! How would you spend this day? Mine will be spent this year with my male assistant driving down south.