Jenny & Juan - Sameday Slideshow


Now, please click the play button of the slideshow at the bottom first and then pause for it to load completely before watching. This post is about Jenny & Juan's wedding day on March that has just passed, held at G-hotel and 32 The Mansion in Penang on the same day. Personally, I think that their wedding day is hard to forget for me and my second shooter. It's filled with so much laughter and we both photographers were also touched to teary eyes. What worse is, I had hard time stopping myself laughing out when doing the slideshows and photos recalling what happened on the day!

Juan is a Canadian and also a photographer while Jenny is a Penangite in origin. Well, there's really no geographical boundaries for true love. I feel that being able to find that right one who fits perfectly well in our heart till the day getting married is simply an amazing journey. I could feel in the heart that how in love both Jenny and Juan is from the way they talked and looking at each other, you'd feel like crying together with them when they were exchanging vows.

Am really glad that I have been given the opportunity to shoot this important day of Jenny & Juan's wedding as there were lots of photo opportunities, many of the family members are real easy going doing 'extraordinary stuff'. This is the same copy of sameday slideshow played during their wedding reception at Mansion 32. I love the challenge of this assignment very much, the tension and time pressure I had to put this up to the screen on the very same day. Did I left out Jenny's 9 sisters? Check them out in the video, the makeup artist is Jenny's sister too. Hope that you guys would have some good laughs with the funny moments. Have a great week!

PS: Check out more of their beautiful wedding day photographs here too!