Louise & Jonathan

Louise is a huge fan of horses and it's evident with the huge horse photo in her room. If you noticed the little light balls on top of the bed, it's some DIY thingy done by Jonathan. The little things a guy do for her girl is telling, about how caring the person he is.

It has been two years since shooting the wedding of Louise & Jonathan's wedding in Penang at the Rasa Sayang Resort. Selecting the pictures to blog refreshes my little faded memories of the day. I enjoy digging old photos that I've missed sharing. It feels happy recalling the moments every time looking back at them like I've found a nugget of memory while flashing through each shot.

Prior to the wedding day, I have totally no idea that Jonathan and his 3 brothers are the group who made some viral music videos back then that were widely shared in Facebook, they are the 4JC Brothers. They do the lighting, shooting, recording, editing, performing and singing all by themselves and at home! I'm envious of their caliber, they produce really great stuff.

As age gone up, I'm beginning to meet couples who are closer to my age now. How times have changed, that being friend to couples is much easier now than when I just started. Those time, people are seeing me like a little boy as I am easily 8-10 years younger than them. I hope the interaction with couples like Lou & Jon as friend could last forever. Cause it must be a pain, imagining down the road when finally one day I'm shooting a past client child's wedding and they ask "uncle, where should we stand har?".

&.b.t.w. - Although Louise is usually quiet, I think her eyes could kill someone with a zap.

&.&.b.t.w. - Fun fact. If I remember correctly, all the 4 brothers have the same initial which is J cause the parents agreed that if they have a boy, he'll follows mother's name initial while vice versa if the parents get a girl. So that's how 4J-Chong-Brothers came about.