Counting Down 20 Years

In 20 years, I might be too weak to photograph fast paced weddings.
In 20 years, we may have attended a few funerals of someone near our age.
In 20 years, will I still see my mum?

Life for the past 20 years are filled very quickly with mostly school and many things I'm not interested with. Those days were gone and I can't go back to fix things. When I tell some friends that my life at 50's is something I should be concerned right now despite this year is the busiest moment in my career till date. A few laughed at me saying I'm overly paranoid. I disagree.

I'm turning 30 this year, starting to get even more sensations of being a complete adult as I'm experiencing added responsibilities one after another. This is the age where one would chase for growth and some stability as monthly commitments increase and this usually translates to more work, less family time in the name of working for the future. It's especially true for the employed/self-employed. 

Hustling through work... one day, I realized something very real. In another 20 years, will I still see my mum?

My mum is a very simple lady. Not highly educated but I find that her just-do-it-for-family attitude is admirable. Ranging from catching cockroaches, handling dead bodies of my pets, preparing 3 meals every single day and much much more. Throughout her life after married, she also had to persevere a lot of non-sense I've created when I'm way younger and being thrown responsibilities she never asked for.

This is how my mum goes to the wet market every single day without fail. It's how she takes care of the family's well being. Buying fresh materials to cook, prepping meals and repeat. Rain or shine. It's also the same vehicle that helps her to buy food to prepare Chinese New Year reunion dinner for 15 people or more. I've seen it first hand that someone's mum complained how inconvenient it is to go out during rain with her SUV that costs 6 figures, then decided not to go out to get food. Wow.. 

If there's a 'happy meter', I'd definitely buy one for my mum, I'm very curious if she's happy cause she doesn't has the best things in life. She doesn't often express the negative side of her feelings too.

My mum has got through 30 years with me in life, she's always there. But at my point of true realization, I might be considered lucky if I'm left with 20 quality years with her cause no one knows what will happen. I don't have a conclusion for this post but I just really want to keep reminding myself that work and family time needs a balance. Time is ticking and bad things often catch us when we least expect.

Realized how many more years you're counting down?



&.b.t.w. - Wishing all the awesome responsible mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!