Here's what I'm up to recently: 

  • accumulated 11 backlogs at the moment. for the first time in my 8 years of full time photography career, i have never been so busy before

  • my bmi shows i'm overweight, the Omron scale says i have a body age of 44 despite i'm not even 30 and quite some visceral fats. so i'm in a 100-days weight lost challenge with a group of friends. due date is on my birthday 8th September. from 81.4kg, i aim to hit 70kg. it has been a month now but the weight seemed to linger around 76kg. hope my target is not overly ambitious. wish me luck 

  • ordered new batch of usb that is an improvement over the previous generation and setup a nice online gallery

  • time is quite limited at the moment due to the pool of backlogs. been walking on a tightrope since the beginning of this year. need a holiday dearly and more time to blogging as soon. half of 2017 is officially gone!


I'll update as things progressed and priority changes. Last updated 1st July 2017. 

&.b.t.w. - Now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.