Here's what I'm up to recently: 

  • Been almost non-stop long hours daily working by the computer since August.

  • Able to steal some time out to watch A Star is Born with my wife. Love every bit of it and the music!

  • Listened to a lot of TED talks while editing lately. The encounter to some very inspiring ones are timely as I seek of deeper purpose for photos I want to pursue further and refine. I’m in a soul searching kinda mode this year personally and professionally...

  • I am building some boudoir portfolio with new-found ideas. If you or you know someone interested to trade her time for some empowering photos for herself, write to me to talk more.

I'll update as things progressed and priority changes. Last updated 31st Oct 2018.

&.b.t.w. - Now page is inspired by
Derek Sivers.