A Boudoir Session With Ms. J

If you are not familiar with the term, 'Boudoir' is French referring to a female's bed or private room. So Boudoir Photography is self-explanatory and they are often done in a sensual tone.

My first experience few years ago being asked by friend if I could do a boudoir session surprised me. There are, indeed individuals who'd like a series of pictures to document the intimate space of themselves in life. As a very special gift, be it a series consisting a couple or just the girl alone. I like the challenge of making the photos tastefully sensual. It's a unique artistic space to explore, I hope to do even more.

I believe this would be a rare instant where I could post an elaborated series of boudoir photography work here in the blog. For one, I only post when I have consent from the person I photograph. Asia is a region that may be a little conservative still, some photos are meant only to be seen by the selected few.

I get to know Ms. J under a special encounter in Penang. She has an effortless tough look and part of my mission is to try soften them. Enjoy this multiple flavored series.